This course was designed specifically for experienced motorcyclists who want to improve their riding knowledge, skills and to mitigate the threat of road traffic accident. This course highlights the dangers of operating motorcycles in this region. We specifically train to the individual rider's skills. Gain confidence in your ability and your machine and at the same time identify the limit of your experience. This course is a must for road survival control

The training will be divided into 3 sessions: Theoretical and 2 Hands‐On session. In the classroom participant will discuss with their peers how to balance the mental and physical aspects of safe riding, manage risk, increase visibility and optimize your lane position. The CRASH FREE HABITS MOTOR CYCLE RIDING TRAINING (CFR) material also covers risk management, safety gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, and the effects fatigue.

The first session of Hands‐on is a half day session motorcycle, the participant will have basic riding skill that will put into practice the techniques of ‐ Pre‐start check,‐ Riding Postures, Braking, Cornering, managing traction, controlling rear‐wheel skids, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving at closed track (Parking lot area). The second session of hands‐on is conducted for another half day at public road as their regular task and participants will be led to have space and visibility at all times by having commenting what he is seeing, what he is doing why he is doing to achieve defensive habit. And is conducted in a one on one basis, which will allow the instructor to concentrate on the individual evaluation, it’s a very comprehensive training to achieve zero defect goal

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