Operating a lift truck (forklift) is a specialized job that requires training and authorization by your organization as a qualified operator. The purpose of this course is to assist you become a qualified forklift operator - an operator who has the knowledge and skills to operate a forklift in a safe and professional manner. 


The training objectives: 

Plan and prepare for forklift operations

How to Operate forklift

Carry out operator maintenance


The CRASH FREE HABITS ATV RIDING TRAINING material covers risk management, safety gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, and the effects of fatigue. The participant will have basic riding skill that will be put into practice the techniques of ‐ Pre‐start check, Riding Postures, Braking, Cornering, ascending & descending, managing traction, controlling rear‐wheel skids, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving at closed track.

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Identify the root causes of accidents with JDDC's accident investigation training. Our training program will give you a broad understanding of the accident investigation process, looking at the benefits of accident prevention and putting the emphasis on practical training exercises and real-life case studies. 


This one-day training will offer participants with a broad understanding of the principles and practice of accident investigation

The course is suitable for managers, supervisors, safety representatives 

It will facilitate organizations to meet their moral and legal obligations to investigate accidents and incidents and gain knowledge from safety failure

JDDC accident investigation training can be tailored to your individual requirements and processes 

The goal is to determine the needs of the road safety management in place, in order toultimately eliminate driving fatalities and injuries to all employees, families, contractors and third parties and minimize damage to equipment. Hazards map, notes and action to be taken and suggestions will be made by the JDDC team as to where efforts need to be focused.

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