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JDDC – Crash Free Habits


Since 1991 Jakarta defensive Driving Consulting provides a full spectrum of driving courses specifically well designed for drivers and motorcyclist to cope with and handle the varying road hazards, which exist in developing countries. Our common courses used by many exploration and production such as Mining, Oil & Gas Industries.

Our Vision


To be leader in linking driver behavior based safety awareness in the country.  

Our Mission


To promote driver awareness of potential driving hazards and risk minimisation to reduce the number of motor vehicle related traffic collisions and incidents in Indonesia.

Our Vision


We value our team – our people are our greatest asset, the quality of JDDC consulting and instructional staff is the single most important factor of our service.


JDDC quality management system has been developed inline with ISO 9001 and controls the course design process. This ensures that all of our services are delivered to the highest possible standard at all times.


Important factors:


  • Consultants hold tertiary qualifications backed by industry experience

  • Specialist trainers hold trade certificates in their appropriate discipline or have recognized prior learning to the highest level

  • Some trainers hold Certificate IV in training and assessment (Australian Qualifications Training Framework)

  • Trainers holds Certificate III in Driver Instruction (Australian Qualifications Training Framework) and certified instructor license from Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP – Indonesia Government)

  • Regular staff assessments ensure consistency in course content and method of delivery

  • A trainer monitoring system exists ensuring all new trainers are fully tutored and guided through all the courses and teaching methods and pass a comprehensive assessment before being allowed to fully facilitate company courses

  • Comprehensive assessment tools to ensure that all performance criteria are addressed by valid and reliable evidence.



Get in touch

Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting
Jl. Gedung Hijau Raya SF 07 No. 74
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan - 12310
+62 21 766 8505; +62 21 759 15 240
Email: jddc.1stdrivingsolution@gmail.com